Angels Day Program in Aurora, CO

Angels Day Program is designed to support every individual’s day-to-day living skills. Our main focus is to provide a setting for these individuals to increase social skills and work on individual goals.

Onsite activities include Music Time, Pottery/Art, Cooking, Personal Care and Adaptive Sports, Story Time Corner, Sensory Room, Low Light Therapy, Boys & Girl Scouts, and much more.

We also invite guests like Buddy Volunteers, Music Professionals, Animal Experts, Dance Instructors, Yoga Instructors, Physical Trainers, Gardeners, Balloon Master, Natures Educators, Story Tellers, Face Painters, Magicians, and more.

Community based activities include Local Swimming Pools, Rec Centers, Library, Shopping Center, Local Launder Mats, Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Zoo, Lakes, Hiking, Parks, Bowling, Petting Farms, Garden Nurseries, Wildlife Experience, Butterfly Pavilion, and Wings over the Rockies. We also take advantage of any opportunities as volunteers that can provide a sense of giving to others. Our outings are designed to fit specific monthly themes. With a safe environment, always in mind, in which our individuals develop communication skills, enabling them to lead more productive and involved lives.

Day Program Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-8pm and Saturday 2pm-8pm